What We Do

Discover the comprehensive cleaning solutions we offer through our Maxx Gold Clean and Maxx Platinum Clean packages, designed to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene for your commercial space.

Maxx Gold Clean

✓ Clean and welcoming entry way
✓ Trash Removal and Replace Trash Bags
✓ Floors (Vacuum and Mop)
✓ Kitchen Area
✓ Clean Microwave, sinks, any drink stations, refrigerator
✓ Common Areas
✓ Clean Conference Rooms, Hallways, Shared spaces
✓ Bathroom
✓ Cleanliness – Sinks, mirrors, toilet, any bathroom cabinets
✓ Stock supplies
✓ Conference Rooms, Common Areas
✓ Faucets and sinks
✓ Front Entry Glass Doors

1st Clean is a Maxx Platinum Clean of priority items (up to 8+ hours with a team) along with Maxx Gold Clean. Maxx Platinum Clean will be included in a first clean at no additional charge. Maxx Platinum Cleans are recommended at least once a year.

Maxx Platinum Clean

✓ Also includes Maxx Gold Clean
✓ Dust vents, any spider webs etc
✓ Deep Clean of Refrigerators & Freezers
✓ Wipe Down all Desks, Tables, Chairs
✓ Wipe Down Window seals
✓ Clean Front Windows
✓ Dust Blinds (if any)
✓ Clean Baseboards
✓ Clean Marks off of Walls
✓ Clean and Sanitize Doors and Door Handles
✓ Clean and Sanitize Light Switches
✓ Organize and Clean Cabinets (inside and out)
✓ Wipe Down Printers (if applicable)
✓ Organize as needed

Area Covered

✓ Entry Way / Front Door
✓ Reception Area / Foyer
✓ Hallways
✓ Common Areas
✓ Kitchen / Kitchenette / Break Rooms
✓ Office Areas / Cubicles
✓ Conference Rooms
✓ Restrooms
✓ Any as agreed upon