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Keep your congregants healthy with professional church cleaning services.

Often, church cleaning duties are left to volunteers or an in-house team, but cleaning an entire church can take a lot of time and effort with all the surfaces to cover. It’s often best left to the professionals for a more efficient and deeper clean. If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, we at Cleaning Maxx can help keep your congregants healthy with our professional church cleaning services.

Church Cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia

Your church likely sees a lot of foot traffic and visitors with any assortment of germs to share. That’s why it’s so important to plan for regular cleaning services. With our church cleaning services, we can clean and sanitize the entrances and lobby areas, all the surfaces, and all the common touchpoints. We can also vacuum and mop all the floors and clean and restock the bathrooms. We will also include any additional cleaning services upon request, so you can have the best cleanliness for your church building.

We are very respectful of your church services and will perform our church cleaning services at a time convenient to you, so we don’t cause any disruptions. We can schedule our cleanings outside of your services, so you can enjoy a clean building when the time comes to worship. We are very thorough and always pay attention to detail. We also follow a 40-point safety and cleaning checklist to ensure that not a single spot in the church is missed. That way, you can keep your church building clean, safe, and sanitized.

Keep your congregants healthy and your church clean with our professional church cleaning services. Give us a call to schedule our services today.